About Me:

I'm Matt Sklar, a photographer, writer and content creator from Boulder, Colorado. I have a wide range of skills, ranging from telling stories, capturing imaging, to optimizing stories for the web.

Growing up in Boulder gave me an incredible passion for skiing and the outdoors. These passions have taught me so much, and helped shape my outlook to telling stories, and life. The mountains and the outdoors in general are filled with intricacies large and small. Photography has the unique ability to showcase these details, as well as the way that we as people interact with them. In this way, I try to capture the extremities of a moment, bringing light to what the eye is incapable of capturing.

I moved from Boulder to the Seattle area in 2012 to study business at the University of Puget Sound. During this time, I continued to pursue photography, while discovering my love for writing. I try to bring the lessons of composition, color, and expression learned from photography into my writing, seeking out unique moments and stories.

I continue to pursue new adventures, telling my stories as well as others'. I can't wait to see where life take me next.


Red Bull, Powder Magazine, ESPN Freeskiing, XGames.com, Teton Gravity Research, Newschoolers.com, Skieur Magazine, Woodward at Copper, Alpine Initiatives, Planks Clothing, Scott Sports, Detour Protein, Gilmore Craves, Plus Size BMX, Wend Wax, Telemark Skier Magazine, The Association of Freesking Professionals, The Summit at Snoqualmie, Rick Baker Insurance, Women's Wilderness Institute.

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