Canadian Dreamland

In December I received an email from Bill, the owner of Revision Skis. The email asked if I would be interested in joining the company’s athletes on a trip in British Columbia in the spring. Like a middle school kid getting a text form his crush, I didn’t want to respond too soon and come off too strong, so I let the email sit in my inbox… for about five minutes. I gave him the obvious answer of YES, and things went from there.

I’m a full time student here in Washington, so I was already trying to figure out how I would be able to skip a whole week of class to go on this trip, but lucky enough for me, the trip dates fell over the week of my spring break.

My luck didn’t stop there, after nearly having to cancel the trip due to low snow, we received nearly three feet of snow the night we arrived at the lodge. With all the new snow, myself, Sandy Boville, Tobias Sedlacek, Ian Hamilton and filmer Mike Kvackay had a killer time with the entire Fernie Wilderness Adventures cat operation to ourselves.

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